At one point, Anavar was seen as the ultimate choice in performance enhancing drugs for bodybuilding because of its incredible effects but it also came with a dangerous and illegal price when misused. Today we are more interested in safe, legal, natural equivalents and that is where Anvarol comes in. Do not be confused by retailers and reviewers that refer to P-VAR being the safe, reliable alternative and think that Anvarol is some cheap, new knock-off because Anvarol is just Paravar/P-VAR with a bit of rebranding. This Anvarol review will compare this supplement with its steroid equivalent and look at the potential pros and cons of making the switch to see if it really is the ideal aid for cutting and fat burning.

What is Anvarol/Paravar and how it is supposed to work?

Anvarol is the legal equivalent of Anavar which means it is designed to do precisely the same thing in terms of fat burning, energy production and lean muscle retention just without any of the nasty side effects. Anavar is designed to enhance performance in the gym to help users achieve the best possible physique and Anvarol tries to replicate this by providing explosive power and strength and letting users incinerate visceral and subcutaneous fat. Some may see these claims, taken from, as a bit of an exaggeration to encourage sales; however, the science behind the product suggests it really can work. Anvarol stimulates Phosphocreatine synthesis which in turn stimulates the regeneration of ATP, the little burst of energy that are sent to the muscle to enhance contractions and improve results and overall strength.

What are the benefits to using Anvarol in your new cutting regime and what do real users think?

As is so often the case with these legal alternatives, there is a big emphasis on the safety record and the benefits that this simple supplement has over Anavar. What draws most people in with this product is the accessibility of the supplement and simple administration the phrase no needles! being shouted very clearly from a number of sales pages and reviews but there is much more that makes this product stand out in contrast to Anavar, so much so that you begin to wonder why anyone chose to take the prescription-based steroid in the first place. Anavar can suppress testosterone production and be toxic to the liver but this threat is pretty much eliminated when taking Anvarol instead. Furthermore, female Anavar users have reported side effects like a deepening of their voice that is not seen with Anvarol, which leads to an interesting advantage to this product that may not immediately be expected.

Retailers like Crazy Bulk are quick to point out the fact that this supplement is suitable for use by both males and females, highlighting the idea that this product has universal benefits that all gym goers can enjoy, and while the majority of online reviewers do tend to be male, there are great responses from women too. On the whole, user feedback for this supplement is very positive and there are some impressive before and after photos to be found that indicate the fat shredding that has been promised.

Are there any disadvantages to using Anvarol?

With so many positive reviews coming in and so many people talking about the potential advantages for women, there is little room for any problems and it seems that most people have nothing bad to say at all. For some users, this glowing praise could be more to do with the contrast to Anavar and the joy of finally finding a safe alternative than a true, objective review of their experience; however, this consistency of 5 star comments does still speak highly of the products potential. The only real exception to this rule that could be found was in the reviews that lowered their marks slightly on the criteria of speed and efficiency. This suggests that while this product is able to provide the definition, results and safety that is desired, those results may not occur quite as fast as you perhaps hoped.

Why should you purchase your bottle of Anvarol from Crazy Bulk?

Do not be concerned by the fact that all these positive blogs are still talking about P-Var and Crazy bulk is selling a bottle with Anvarol/Paravar on the front; the company has decided on a little user-focused rebranding to create a more memorable name. There is no issue of reliability because this is an FDA-inspected company that has been advising users and selling supplements for a decade and the same great formula lies behind the new label. This sense of reliability and the trust that users have in this company is one of the key reasons why they are endorsed over the other online retailers that are around but there is also the benefit of the price. Not only can you get a bottle of Anvarol from Crazy Bulk for the low price of £33.34, it also comes as part of a carefully created stack of products including Winsol, Clenbutrol and Testo-max to give users complimentary supplements for the biggest advantage in the gym.

The final verdict of this Anvarol review: does this supplement deserve a place in your regime?

Many users would recommend Anvarol/ P-VAR for use because of the safety record alone; a chance to have a legal, prescription-free form of Anavar is one thing but the way it eliminates the risk of toxicity and other side effects really is impressive. While this is an important factor, the recommendation from this Anvarol review will highlight one of the benefits that is not talked about quite so often. There is a clear sense from user reviews that not only does Anvarol do pretty much everything it sets out to do in terms of fat shredding and performance enhancement, it does so in a way that is universally accessible due to its tablet-form and ability to aid both male and female users. Crazy Bulk Anvarol product may not have the speed that some users desire but it seems that every user will be able to gain something from it in terms of muscle definition or performance and that is why it is wholeheartedly recommended as a fantastic alternative to Anavar.