Some bodybuilding supplements are attractive to users for their ability to mimic a powerful steroid in a safe way, some have the appeal of a wide range of potential benefits and effects and others are bought for their simplicity. NO2- Max falls under the latter category because it is essentially just a simple pill to boost levels of specific compound and help users improve their strength, stamina and recovery times at the gym. The aim of this NO2-Max review is to look at the benefits seen and the potential risks in order to help you decide if this is really the best route to the mind blowing pumps that are advertised.

How is NO2 Max designed to work and achieve these great results?

NO2 is the symbol for Nitric Oxide; NO2 Max therefore means an ability to boost levels this beneficial compound in a significant way. The supplement is often labelled as a vasodilator, meaning it increases the diameter and potential of blood vessels for greater blood flow, increased movement of red blood cells and a better oxygen supply. More oxygen to the muscles means that users can recover more easily and work out for longer.

What do users have to say about this product and what other benefits are on offer here?

On the whole, the reviews from gym goers are pretty positive, with many saying that this supplement works as advertised. The main aim here to improve recovery times and this is what is being seen as users find themselves able to continue with their workouts for longer and enjoy the increased strength that NO2 Max brings. Online reviews come with some impressive before and after photos showing significant physical differences in muscle mass and tone, suggesting that these extreme pumps are allowing for some effective workouts. In many cases, this could well be down to the fact that users are taking a complimentary supplement alongside NO2 Max but this Nitric Oxide booster is certainly playing its part.

The majority of reviews for this product will focus on the effects that it can have in the gym but there is potentially more to using No2 Max than this stamina boost. Increased vascularity and blood flow can have an impact elsewhere and while some of the bodybuilding blogs skirt around the issue, it can have a positive impact on your sex life too. The final benefit that some users like to highlight is the use of L-Arginine in the formula because this is one of the most well-known components for boosting Nitric Oxide; however, there are some that are a little concerned about its safety.

How safe is N02-Max?

The presence of L-Arginine as a key ingredient in the formula has led to a bit a mixed reaction among users and reviewers of this supplement because of the potential dangers associated with its consumption. There are links between these types of nitric oxide supplement and the herpes virus, meaning that N02-Max does come with a warning to anybody that is prone to cold sores; however, this is only really a big problem when users start overdosing on these pills to try and get faster, better results. All you need with this particular approach is 3 of the little capsules once a day, meaning it is a very simple way to get your boost and the risk of taking too much is greatly reduced. The only other safety concern here is that the effect of vasodilation can have the knock-on effect of low blood pressure. This means that the supplement is not recommended to those on heart medications but, as is the case with any product like this, you should always consult a doctor if you have concerns.

Other than the potential of side effects from overconsumption, are there any other issues that buyers should watch out for with N02 Max?

On the whole, buyers are very impressed with the results that can be achieved, the efficiency of the product and the method of taking it but there are some points to emphasise regarding the idea of this being a fast acting supplement. This tag can give users the impression that they will see immediate results but while some reviews talk about a “very fast absorption rate”, there are some conditions that buyers should consider. Firstly, users are advised to take the pills an hour before a workout to let them take effect, which may mean some time management is required. Secondly, there is the warning to use it for at least eight weeks to see the best results. Thankfully, the only other criticism that seems to be made about this Nitric Oxide booster is that it is not readily available, which is not a problem at all if buyers go straight to

Why should you buy your bottle of NO2 Max from Crazy Bulk?

Crazy Mass are seen as one of the top online retailers for bodybuilding supplements because of the confidence that consumers have in the quality of the goods and the service, the information that is offered to buyers and the affordable deals. It may not be an over-the-counter product in the same way as some other supplements but it is still easy to purchase with a great guarantee over the quality. Crazy Bulk are selling a bottle of NO2 Max for just £35.95 – that’s a months supply – and while there are deals on offer for multiple purchases, it is worth looking at buying this booster as part of a stack. Crazy Bulk sell a range of gym supplements for bulking, cutting, fat burning and hormone production and NO2 can be used alongside any of them.

The final verdict on this NO2 Max review: is this the best way to achieve vasodilation and great stamina in the gym?

There are risks with any Nitric Oxide boosting product because of the ingredients that are used and the effects that they have on the body but this Crazy Bulk NO2 Max supplement is able to blend an effective formula with a reliable method and retailer to ensure that users can take this product with confidence. As long as you are careful with the dosage and understand the potential effects, you should find that this product is a great choice because of the way it enhances your performance in the gym, its simplicity and a few bonus benefits along the way.