Clenbuterol has gained quite a reputation over the years but there have been concerns about its safety because of it is such a strong anabolic steroid and should only be available by prescription. The idea of Crazy Bulk’s Clenbutrol supplement being a “prescription free alternative for obesity”, as they themselves call it, will be interesting to dieters and bodybuilders looking for a safe alternative but just how safe is this legal steroid?

Clenbuterol may have some celebrity fans but it is still a dangerous drug that should not be messed with.

When a substance has the tag of “most powerful fat burner available” it is easy to see why people go straight for it – fast, effective results being the most important priorities of most competitors and users. The problem here is that this power comes from the fact that Clenbuterol is incredibly potent and this strength can lead to big risks for users if they are not careful. There are actually three key uses for Clenbuterol across the world: in a few countries this steroid is used as a powerful bronchodilator for sufferers of asthma and other breathing conditions, in western culture it has gained popularity as one of those “miracle cure” weight loss aids for celebrities and other socialites and in the gym it is seen as an impressive cutting agent.

This all seems great until we look at the potential dangers associated with excessive use of Clenbuterol, which range from the more general side-effects of headaches and nausea that are often seen with these types of products to more alarming reactions like muscle tremors, palpitations and tachycardia. The fact that this drug is only legal with a prescription should prevent against these issues but a much safer alternative is to opt for a legal, natural supplement that can replicate the benefits without the risks.

Clenbutrol has the same versatility with an appealing safety record.

One of the interesting things about the sales pages for this legal alternative is that they make the point of not just saying that users will not experience side-effects but also stating that there will be no jitters, which suggests this really can be a big problem with Clenbuterol. Like most supplements, this lack of adverse effects can only really be promised if users abide by the instructions but this is not that difficult when all they require is one tablet, three times a day with meals. Deviate from the program and you may experience acne, mood swings or headaches; stick with it and you should be fine.

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There is a clear difference between these two products in terms of the accessibility and the potential dangers that are associated them. Clenbutrol may still come with a few warnings about over consumption and side-effects but this is to expected with this sort of product, as retailers such as Crazy Bulk play it safe, and it is a much better option than sticking with the steroid and risking those palpitations and stomach problems. Buy your months supply from Crazy Bulk and you can receive this safe supplement in a simple tablet form with ease, a great price and no concerns at all about any potential dangers.