Anavar –The Healthy legal Steroid

Body building is tough work and requires total commitment and a fair amount of persistence and hard work. The best way for a body builder to achieve the muscle size they are looking for has 2 different schools of thought. The first is that its best to start working out naturally and this is certainly a fair and safe method. However, that being said, the use of legal steroids to kick start the process or to further assist your efforts at some stage is certainly worth serious consideration.


The product under review in this post is Anavar or anvarol, a safe and legal alternative to the Anavar steroid. Anvarol by Crazy Bulk mimics the same effects of the anabolic steroid Anavar without causing the side effects of usual steroids. Hence, you can use Anvarol without worrying about negative side effects or getting busted. It is available as oral tablets and does not require any injections. Read on to find out more about Anavar.

What is Anavar?

Just so you are aware as a side note, when we say Anavar we are also referring to Anvarol which is Crazy Bulk’s equivalent product. Anavar, is considered to be a weak steroid whose main purpose it serves is to maintain muscle mass in the process of losing body fat. Ideal for cutting cycles, you’ll shred fat whilst retaining lean muscle tissue, giving your body a super lean and cut look. Anavar was first introduced in the Market in 1964 and the reason it gained popularity was its mildness, so mild in fact that it could be prescribed to women and even children. Anavar was usually prescribed to people who needed to gain weight after surgery, trauma or long term illness. In the body building community this steroid is often used in combination with more potent steroids in a cycle. The main purpose of Anavar is to maintain the lean muscle mass during weight loss. The maintenance of lean muscle mass in the body is Anavar’s unique property so the body builders either male or female who want to reduce the bulk and achieve a leaner and sleek look will find nothing better than Anavar.

Anavar can be used whilst dieting because it maintains lean muscle mass and body strength. It effectively helps in reducing body fat stored in the visceral region. It also increases bone density and relieves bone pain. Due to the mild nature of the hormone it doesn’t hinder or prohibit the production of natural hormones in the body. Many side effects which are associated with the use of steroids are not a concern here due to how Anavar works. Some of the common side effects to consider with other steroids are male pattern baldness, acne, oily skin etc.

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Anavar for Men

Anavar is used by men during cutting cycles because it does not cause unwanted water retention. Due to its extreme mildness most men don’t even experience the common side effects, for example, liver toxicity while taking Anavar.

Anavar Cycle for Men

Given below is the best Anavar cycle that will help gain maximum results.

First Cycle

Week 1 30 mg Anavar  (Daily )
Week 2 40 mg Anavar  (Daily )
Week 3 50 mg Anavar  (Daily )
Week 4 50 mg Anavar  (Daily )
Week 5 60 mg Anavar  (Daily )
Week 6 80 mg Anavar  (Daily )
Week 7 70 mg Anavar  (Daily )
Week 8 Post cycle therapy-40 mg Nolvadex  (Daily ), Anavar to be discontinued.
Week 9 20 mg Nolvadex  (Daily )
Week 10 20 mg Nolvadex  (Daily )
Week 11 20 mg Nolvadex  (Daily )
Week 12 20 mg Nolvadex  (Daily )

Second Cycle

Week Winstrol Anavar Nolvadex
1 40 mg daily 40 mg daily
2 50 mg daily 50 mg daily
3 50 mg daily 70 mg daily
4 70 mg daily 90 mg daily
5 70 mg daily 90 mg daily
6 80 mg daily 80 mg daily
7 50 mg daily 100 mg daily
8 50 mg daily 100 mg daily
9 20 mg Nolvadex  (Daily)
10 20 mg
11 20 mg
12 20 mg

Anavar for Women

Anavar is perhaps the most suitable steroid for women. It is sometimes referred to as the “girl steroid”. Its usage is completely safe in women because the use of Anavar does not lead to virilization and aromatization. It also does not lead to the development of secondary male sexual characteristics in women.

Anavar Cycle for Women

Given below is the best Anavar Cycle for Women.

Week 1 Anavar-2.5 mg daily
Week 2 Anavar-2.5 mg daily
Week 3 Anavar-5.0 mg daily
Week 4 Anavar-5.0 mg daily
Week 5 Anavar-10.0 mg daily
Week 6 Anavar-15.0 mg daily
Week 7 Anavar-15.0 mg daily
Week 8 Anavar-10.0 mg daily

Anavar results are really good when the above cycle is followed. The weight loss is a permanent thing and the lean muscle mass stays where it is.

Anavar Customer Reviews

Anavar gets so many positive reviews and men and women alike are very satisfied with using Anavar. The one concern that surfaces occasionally is that Anavar is slightly more costly than other more potent steroids that show faster and better results. The thing is that Anavar gives you good results without any side effects and has additional health benefits also. So, overall Anavar gets good scores.

“tried it, 8wks, lost 15lbs, anxious to try tren-bol now.”  Jeffrey Adams

“I used this for 4 wks and noticed a difference without changing my diet. I am trying the cutting stack since I was happy with this results.”  Adam

Where to buy Anavar?

You will easily find Anavar/Anvarol on sale online. No prescription is required for Anavar. When purchasing Anavar you have to be careful because counterfeiters are big on making money by selling faulty Anavar tablets. Anavar falls in the category of expensive steroids. Many black marketers use Dianabol in the tablets, which is way cheaper of course and gives the same results but with a specific set of side effects. Women experience the side effects of Dianabol more than men do and hence should be more careful. So always buy Anavar from reliable and trusted manufacturers. The way to get the best quality Anavar is through any reputed pharmacy on prescription. That way you will be sure about the dosage and also the quality of the steroid.

Results of Anavar abuse

It is highly recommended that the prescribed dosage of Anavar should not be increased. High doses of Anavar can result in vomiting, nausea, fatigue and exhaustion. Furthermore it can affect the sex drive and cause headaches. Sticking to the correct dosage is very important even when you are using a very mild steroid like Anavar.