It is easy to buy a product based on the sales claims and buyer recommendations alone, especially with a product like Winsol when there are so many reports of positive change in fat loss and gym performance and the sense that this really is a powerful, diverse supplement that can really beat Winstrol at its own game. When you factor in the fact that this oral tablet has a natural formula with a great safety record, it is no surprise that sales figures are rising. The question for some cautious buyers, however, is what exactly is in this legal steroid and how are these ingredients benefiting users?

What ingredients are included in Winsol?

Fat burners:

If you are creating a fat burning, cutting agent that promises speedy sculpting and fat loss, you need plenty of agents that can offer this benefit. The combination of Oleic Acid and Lineolic Acid is said to be a great partnership for creating a leaner body composition and that is precisely what is being used in Winnidol to create that all-important muscle to fat ratio. In addition to this there is Choline Bitartrate, which makes acetylcholine to aid homocysteine metabolism and further reduce fat levels.


L-carnitine is another substance that is crucial for fat loss and cutting agents but it deserves its own entry because of its worth in bodybuilding supplements more generally. What makes this agent so special is that it works to transport all those unwanted fat cells and fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells to speed up the fat burning process, which explains why Winsol is such a fast-acting supplement. Studies show that taking this element before exercising can significantly increase its potential..

Wild Yam:

This is a natural extract that is growing in popularity as a male enhancement supplement because it has DHEA to increase levels of free testosterone, essentially rebalancing male hormones and optimizing. levels of testosterone. It is also antispasmotic, which means it can soothe the muscles and calm the nerves, so is a helpful aid for gym performance in many, unusual ways.

DMAE – Dimethyaminoethanol:

This is a very potent ingredient with nootropic properties, which means it helps to provide the cognitive enhancement that Winsol is so renowned for. This is an area of bodybuilding supplements that is sometimes overlooked but focus, motivation and energy are vital in working out and making gains.

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