Some people swear by a steroid called Anavar for improving their cutting regime whereas others like to endorse a legal supplement substitute by the name of Anvarol. The latter is certainly the better option but the different names are not helping prospective buyers who are a little confused about what they are buying. Anvarol is a top legal steroid from Crazy Bulk that promises to not only mimic the effects of Anavar but to do so with safety and convenience.

Why is Anavar so dangerous?

Steroids always carry a sense of danger because they are so potent and potentially damaging if misused, which is why bodybuilders have previously had to rely on prescriptions and a strong mind in order to get the results they desire. This sense of regulation is a starting point but it doesnt eliminate the fact that steroids have some massive risks attached and Anavar, in particular, can be particularly problematic. Liver toxicity is a risk with many anabolic steroids – something that Crazy Bulk clearly stress is no longer an issue with legal alternatives – but there is also the danger of altering hormone levels with some highly significant impacts.

For men this can result in testosterone suppression, which is part of the reason why so many bodybuilders like to take testosterone boosting supplements to balance out any deficiencies, but female users of Anavar have often reported side effects that make them seem more masculine, such as a deeper voice or hair growth.

Anvarol not only reduces these risks, it can be taken by a much wider consumer base.

These issues regarding female users will understandably put a lot of consumer of this sex off from buying anything remotely related to Anavar but this is where Anvarol becomes advantageous beyond its basic physical benefits – Anvarol can be used safely by men and women. In addition to this, both male and female consumers are now giving this product a great rating in their feedback and there are very few reports of any adverse reactions to using it. As with most supplements, there are exceptions to the rule and it may be worth consulting a healthcare provider if you have doubts; however, many women would say it is worth risking a bit of oily skin for the benefits they can now receive that were once out of their reach.

It is clearly much safer to buy Anvarol from Crazy Bulk than to stick with Anavar.

There is no reason why any bodybuilder – female or male – should continue to run the risks of hormone suppression and liver toxicity with Anavar when there is such a beneficial and safe alternative in Anvarol. Furthermore, when you buy your supply of Anvarol from Crazy Bulk, either singularly or as part of a bigger stack, you can be sure of a high quality product with plenty of information on its potential as well as support on how best to use it.