Steroids were once the go-to option for fast gains and improved gym performance but legal steroid substitutes mean that this is no longer the case. The idea of taking a legal, beneficial supplement as a substitute to a steroid is great news to any bodybuilder that want to feel the effects of steroid use on their gains and physical appearance without the concerns of legalities and dangerous substances. Trenorol promises to do just that by marketing itself as the safe version of Trenbolone but why exactly is this the safe alternative to go for and what makes it a better choice than the powerful steroid?

Trenorol is not 100% risk free but it is considerably safer than using Trenbolone.

There is a bit of a mixed message about the potential side effects of Trenorol online, as some consumers and supporters are saying that it is completely side effect free and others are warning about the dangers of overdosing. Trenorol is highly desirable because it is a simple daily, oral tablet, much like a multivitamin, and the ingredients used are safe for responsible consumption with no major adverse effects mentioned in user testimonials. The potential problems come from the ability to take too much by just adding one little extra pill to your daily regime. The recommendation to take Trenorol everyday, but no more than two tablets, and to stop after 8 weeks so that risks of side effects are minimised.

The important thing to remember is that when it is taken correctly, Trenorol is much safer than Trenbolone because of this lack of side effects. Trenbolone is sought out by bodybuilder for the strength of the formula but this power can lead to negative effects and the list of symptoms to watch out for is frighteningly large. This include acne, anxiety, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, high blood pressure, gynecomastia and a dangerously increased heart rate. This is because not only is Trenbolone an androgenic steroid, which means it works to maintain male hormones and develop masculine characteristics, it is one of the strongest androgenic steroids around so negative effects are enhanced further. For this reason, women are strongly advised against using Trenbolone at all and Trenorol becomes an even more appealing substitution.

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