All bodybuilders have their own individual goals when it comes to results in the gym but once we have all bulked up to the desired level and seen impressive gains in muscle mass, the majority of us then turn our attention to sculpting that new physique and making it look as good as it possibly can. This is when we turn to fat burners and cutting agents like Winsol to help us melt stubborn fat, define our muscles and really make us look good.


Winsol, which may be familiar to some prospective buyers by its former name of Winistrol, is a legal alternative to steroids that makes a range of impressive promises from offering rock-hard defined muscles and competition and beach physique to maximum power, speed and agility. The aim of this Winsol review is to see just how far fetched these claims are by looking at this supplements scientific potential, the results of users and the possible drawbacks. Is this a worthwhile substitute or a pale imitation.

Why are people advised to take Winsol and how is it meant to work:

The main reason why Winsol has gained popularity as a workout supplement for body sculpting is because it is promoted as the ideal substitute for a steroid called Winstrol. This explains the original name of Winistrol but perhaps this simple rebranding was a good idea to create a bigger distinction between the two. Winstrol is an interesting option for people wanting dramatic changes in body shape and fat loss but it comes with many risks and is now avoided by many competitors because of the potential of liver toxicity, increased cholesterol levels, testosterone suppression, accelerated hair loss and acne. This can be all avoided by taking Winsol correctly and it has the added benefit of being completely legal and simple to take. All you need are a few daily tablets with meals and you wont have to think about injections again.

The main aim of Winidrol is to offer the same desired effects of enhanced density and definition while targeting body fat and improving gym performance. This may sound like a lot for a single supplement but is necessary if it is to compete with its more dangerous equivalent. The key process that helps the product works towards this goal is the clever way in which it works to reduce fat yet still provides nitrogen retention to protect the muscles. In addition to this, it is able to increase vascularity to enhance blood flow and it targets water retention for an even better result and gym performance.

What are the positive points to using Winsol?

Normally it is the sales pages that have the most extreme descriptions of a products potential, such as the key bullet points above that have been quoted from, but what is interesting with Winsol is that this sense of intensity and hype continues in reviews and user opinions, with many sharing the belief that this really is a “hardcore” alternative that does it best to prove its worth against the steroid Winstrol. Buyers are not only happy with the way that the supplement is working, it is offering that sense of maximum power and efficiency in a way that really had not expected.

The proof is all in the results and additional benefits that have been reported. Some simply endorse this supplement as the ideal product to move onto after bulking because of the balance of fat burning and muscle retention, with comments being made about the way that muscle growth is protected and defined; however, there is also plenty of praise for the way that is boosts energy and endurance. Not only are users getting the physical results they are after, they have the drive to push harder and faster at the gym to achieve them without the risk of overexertion or damage.
Are there any potential disadvantages to using Winsol in this way?

With such a high satisfaction rate, complaints are hard to come by and many buyers would rather show off the results than mention any small problem they may have had. One issue that has crept within blogs and reviews, however, is the issue of dosage. As was mentioned in the method, the supplement is refreshingly easy to take, increasing its appeal to many users, but there are some that have questioned the right amount to take and dropped their intake to 50mg because they feel it is more suitable. On top of this, there is the odd reviewer questioning the fact that this is not a readily available, over-the-counter supplement and wishing that it was more accessible, which leads to the next point about reliable purchasing.

Why are buyers advised to purchase their supply of Winsol from Crazy Bulk?

While the desire for wider availability is understandable, it is also comforting to know that sales of this supplements are controlled and that we can rely on secure retailers like Crazy Mass. The low prices and discounts of this online retailer are the immediate draw for some bodybuilders – Winsol costing just £36.95 a bottle and being available in a brilliant stack with Anvarol, Clenbutrol and testo-max – but many also choose Crazy Bulk because of the simplicity in the options and the advice that is on offer. This means that all of those users that are unsure of the best approach and dosage can be informed and reassured about their choice by people that really know what they are talking about.

The final verdict of this Winsol review: is this the ideal choice to kickstart the next stage of bodybuilding?

Whether or not this supplement can give you a competition-ready physique really is open to debate but there is little question over whether or not it works and is beneficial because of the great formula and array of positive user reviews. Essentially, the main reason why Winsol  is being endorsed here as an alternative to Winstrol is because this is not some safe, basic alternative that makes a fair attempt at replicating the potential of the steroid but rather the ideal substitute. There really is no compromise with Winsol and buyers can enjoy a lot of potential additional benefits when purchasing a bottle with a reliable retailer like Crazy Bulk.